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                                             Why is there a need for the Group?
The facility is run at present by the Coatbridge Indoor Bowling Club.  The club has no concerns over the short to medium term future.   However we wish to secure the facility in the long term.
The main problem lies in the reluctance of the local authority to assist the Club.
   Recently, Inverclyde Council granted a similar facility in Greenock £100,000 to upgrade the premises, while South Lanarkshire Council carried out major upgrades including new floor, bowling carpet, new lighting and decoration at no cost to East Kilbride Club.  Unfortunately not only do North Lanarkshire Properties NOT assist with any repairs, maintenance or upgrades/refubishment,  they charge the Club a crippling  amount in rent.  

    Asset Transfer - Building Purchase

    The Community Group and the membership of the club have come to the conclusion that the best way forward is for the Cliftonville & Coatdyke Community Group to purchase the facility from North Lanarkshire Counci (NLC)l.  This will be done through asset transfer under the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.
   The Group, with the full support of the bowling club,  has approached NLC with this proposal.   We are also working with Highlands & Islands Enterprise Community Ownership Support Service and Companies House to facilitate a bid submission to the Scottish Land Fund for financial support to purchase the Building .

    The Community Group will then run the Stadium.  The Bowling Club's future would be secured for the long term and they will become the 'anchor' tenants.     We will continue to support local volunteer groups to flourish by providing accommodation at a cost they can afford.    The facilities will be upgraded and our activities will be widened. 


What next?

There is at present a transition committee who were formed to take the proposals forward.  They have to date -

a) Applied to Companies House to set up a company limited by guarantee.

b) Applied for funding to for surveys and provide a business plan for the way forward. (See Latest News)

c) Identifed a company to undertake a community survey to guage support among the community for the venture.

d) Met with North Lanarkshire Council and expressed an interest in acquiring the building.  Discussions are ongoing with a willingness on both sides to see the matter to a satisfactory conclusion.

e) Set the boundaries for the membership of the Community Group.


   If all goes to plan then the purchase of the building would take place by May 2020.
When the project is completed, a public meeting will be held to take the proposals forward.

  The transition committee will cease and a new committee formed from the membership will be agreed.

 The Community facility will be run by the Community for the Community !

Latest Information on Builiding Purchase/Grant Application
23rd December 2019

On the 17th December Cliftonville and Coatdyke Community Group submitted the asset transfer application request to North Lanarkshire Council to purchase the Coatbridge Stadium,

Quarry Street, Coatbridge.

 The stadium is presently home to Coatbridge Indoor Bowling Club

The document running to approximately 300 pages sets out a clear and compelling argument for the transfer of the property to the local community. We intend to improve the building and the facilities, encourage more activities within the building promote the game of Indoor bowling and restructure

                                                                                  the financial model.                                                                                                                 

  This will ensure a long term future for this community hub and the indoor bowling club.

Four weeks ago we  opened group membership to the people of Coatbridge and Airdrie and already we are nearing two hundred members,

if you would like to be part of this exciting programme or are keen to know more please contact us .

(see below)

Community Enterprise 
Meeting with Bowling Club Members

9th September 2019.

Victoria Pearce from Community Enterprise, the Company tasked with judging the wishes of the public and members regarding the purchase of the building, met with members of the bowling club on Monday 9th September. 
She gave members the opportunity to to discuss their concerns and answer questions on how the grant application to the Scottish Land Fund is progressing. 


At present we are awaiting building surveys which were recently completed and if all goes well the application for a grant to purchase the building will be put forward to the Scottish Land Fund in November 2019. 

£16,666 awarded by   
              Scottish Land Fund                  

26th April 2019    

We are delighted to announce  that the newly set up Community Group application for stage one funding from the Scottish Land Fund has been approved.  The Group has been awarded £16,666 to carry out feasibility studies.  This will involve:-

a) An Independent valuation survey of the building

b) A building survey to ascertain the extend of asbestos material within the building

c) A business plan to cover the ongoing viability of the facility after sale of the building

d) A community consultation to ensure public support for the plan

The Group has now been registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee.
The results of these initiatives will be submitted to the Scottish Land Fund in July 2019.

Local Residents & Bowlers

at 'drop in' meeting
       27th June 2019          

The first stage of 'Community Consultation' took place when local residents and bowling club members attended a 'drop in' meeting hosted by Community Enterprise to discuss the way forward.

Their views were sought on how the building could be improved and what local groups and schools may be interested in
using the building as a 'Community Hub'

Bowlers were re-assured that as the main tenant of the building, their future would be integral to the plans.

When this initial stage of local consultation

has been completed, building surveys and
valuations will be carried out.

The new Community Group will then take their request for funding a 'buy out' of the building to the Scottish Land Fund. 

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